mplexer is a freeware graphical user interface for mplex*.
The mplexer interface makes it easier than ever to multiplex MPEG video.

mplexer fea
tures drag-and-drop support, fast access to the most common multiplex settings and easy-to-use A/V sync adjustment.

>> Download mplexer (size approx 1,3 Mb)

System requirements: Mac OS 10.2 or above.

© 2003

* mplex © 2000-2003 Rainer Johanni,
Andrew Stevens, Gernot Ziegler,
Xavier Biquard & Ronald Bultje.

mplex is an MPEG multiplexing tool released under GNU General Public License (GPL) and is contained as a part of the mjpeg tools package. You may download the latest mjpeg tools source code from:

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